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Thermal Remediation, Shallow Angle

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Ellingson-DTD (DTD) directionally drilled six thermal remediation wells earlier this year. The project required source area remediation beneath a training…

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Using HDD

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DTD crews recently completed the installation of a horizontal SVE in Northern CA. The well is part remediation well and…

Discrete Soil Sampling Using HDD

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DTD Crews recently completed a unique site characterization project. Field work involved the use of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for…

24″ and 30″ Diameter Pipelines in Permian

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DTD crews have recently completed several large diameter pipeline installations for a road crossing in the Permian basin. Meanwhile, similar…

Pipeline Relocation – 1,250′ of 6″ Diameter

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Pipeline relocation is emerging as a common solution to accommodate road expansion projects. In areas of strong growth many commuters…

DTD Busy With Three Simultaneous Projects

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This month marks a busy time for DTD. We currently have three remediation projects running simultaneously at three Department of…