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Pipeline Relocation – 1,250′ of 6″ Diameter

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Pipeline relocation is emerging as a common solution to accommodate road expansion projects. In areas of strong growth many commuters spend rush hour bumper to bumper on roads unsuited for the increased population. New highways ease the commute, but the new construction in congested areas often runs into conflicts with previously existing infrastructure.

DTD uses wireline navigtion to steer pilot bore for pipeline relocation project

View down the bore path as a DTD crew member makes a wireline connection during the pilot bore

One such interstate bypass in the Carolina’s conflicts with several petroleum pipelines. The planned new interstate crossed an existing 6″ pipeline installed at a depth that conflicted with the planned road cut, so project engineers decided to install a replacement 50 feet deeper than the existing pipeline.

HDD Used for Deep Pipeline Relocation

DTD participated in the project by completing a 1,250′ long bore for the pullback of the 6″ diameter pipeline relocation. Partnering with a pipeline company on the project, the DTD crew operated our American Augers DD210 rig using wireline navigation.  Site constraints, including private residences in close proximity, complicated the pullback process. As a result of these constraints, the crew had to move the rig to the exit side of the bore for pullback.  Once the rig was setup at exit, the rig pulled the 6″ pipeline back in just over a few hours. The project was completed within three weeks under strict regulatory oversight and with multiple logistical challenges.

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