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Ellingson-DTD is the nation’s leading contractor for horizontal remediation well systems.

Our company has focused on environmental applications of horizontal directional drilling since its inception in 1996 as Directed Technologies Drilling, Inc. With our acquisition by Ellingson Companies in 2019, DTD expanded our personnel and equipment inventory, giving us broader reach and more robust support capabilities. With an east coast office in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, an office in Mineral Wells, Texas, and Ellingson offices and shops in West Concord, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota, DTD has completed wells throughout the United States and at several European locations. Ellingson-DTD leads the industry in installed footage of completed, operational wells, and teamed with Mears/HDD to design and install the longest horizontal remediation wells in the world and the longest horizontal monitoring wells in the world.

Ellingson-DTD is committed to continual innovation and improvement of design and installation techniques for horizontal remediation systems.

Beyond Environmental Remediation

Ellingson-DTD has an established reputation as a “go-to” company for pipeline construction in difficult drilling conditions and challenging installations. We are routinely called to help design and install horizontal utility crossings. Our experiences in the complex and often challenging geology of Puget Sound have given us a technological edge over our competition.

Ellingson-DTD has completed numerous projects for solid waste management, including leachate drains and methane collection systems, and installation and repair of monitoring wells and alarms. In the field of water resources, Ellingson-DTD has completed horizontal water wells in rocky hillslopes that greatly increased the yield of existing resources. Ellingson-DTD has also developed an innovative and patented method for collecting shallow groundwater over a large area, with a single centralized point of access.

Owned & Managed by Authorities in the Field

Ellingson-DTD is owned and managed by some of the world’s leading authorities in horizontal environmental drilling. Vermeer, the world’s largest manufacturer of directional drills, asked DTD to co-write their comprehensive manual on horizontal remediation wells. Ellingson-DTD routinely works directly with Digital Control in the application of their latest technology locating devices to new and innovative operations. DTD also developed and patented innovative well screen materials for horizontal wells.

Quality Performance & Innovation Every Day

Every Ellingson-DTD project is managed by an experienced hands-on project manager to ensure that our systems are installed safely and meet project specifications. The success of our work depends on the proper design, installation, and operation of every horizontal well. Our experienced managers are intimately familiar with the installation process, from site logistics and health and safety to well development and system operation.

Our goal is total quality performance. We continually work to improve our equipment, installation methods, and system components to ensure that every system delivers the required performance. Because of our corporate relationships with other industry leaders, our ability to apply innovative approaches spans the breadth of system design, equipment specification, installation technique, and materials design and selection.