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Pipelines and Utilities

Ellingson and Ellingson-DTD are recognized experts in the installation of pipelines and utility lines in challenging locations or adverse drilling conditions.

With our full inventory of drill rigs from mini to maxi (in excess of 550K pullback), we can install a 200 foot conveyance line for your treatment system up to a 2500 foot, 42-inch pipeline for natural gas transmission.

Horizontal Installation of Utility Conduits for Virtually Any Use

Ellingson-DTD provides horizontal directional drilling services to steer over, under, or around buried utilities. We can curve the bore path to go around buildings or even drill under buildings if necessary. The electronics inside our drilling tools allow our operators to locate the drillhead with precision, ensuring that utilities already in place are not damaged.

When the drill has navigated past the obstructions and exited at the desired spot, we can pull back the product lines required to complete your project. These conduits can be used for gas, electric, telecommunications, or virtually any other use. We can pull back almost any material specified, from HDPE to steel in diameters up to 24 inches or larger.

The Right Experience

Ellingson-DTD can make your connections efficiently and cost effectively. We have experienced geologists on staff who can evaluate a project and provide you with realistic appraisals of the costs and practicality of your job. We have experience working with city, state and federal regulators and can help you with permits and other issues.