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Well Maintenance & Well Rehabilitation

Ellingson-DTD has designed unique development tools for well rehabilitation or regular well maintenance that can help you rehabilitate and maintain efficient wells.

Maintaining Well Performance

The performance of wells (vertical or horizontal) generally degrades with time. Even the efficiency of a properly developed well will decrease through time. In order to maintain the highest well efficiency it is important to be able to identify the cause of the decreased performance and equally important—the remedy. Ellingson-DTD has the tools and the expertise to help you with underperforming wells.

Well Rehabilitation or Well Maintenance: Improving the Efficiency of Underperforming Wells

Traditional vertical well development techniques (i.e., air lift) fail or do not provide the necessary flow velocities to restore the well function. Ellingson-DTD has designed unique development tools for well rehabilitation or regular well maintenance that are specifically adapted to horizontal wells and allow simultaneous pumping and jetting of the well throughout the well screen.

Improving the efficiency of your underperforming wells is one of our primary services. With our innovative technologies and vast field experience, Ellingson-DTD is expert at both identifying the causes of well inefficiencies and helping you restore well performance. Let us help you plan your well investigation, well rehabilitation and/or well maintenance program.