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HDD Geometry 201

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Volume 8, Issue # 7 – July 2022 In a previous edition of Inflection Points, we discussed the concept of “setback”…

How to “Develop” an SVE Well

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Volume 8, Issue #3 – March 2022 If you’ve ever installed a vertical soil vapor extraction (SVE) well, you enjoyed…

Conductor Casing at an Angle – Part 2

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Last month we shared a post about a project where our crews installed a horizontal gravity drain. The construction included…

Conductor Casing at an Angle

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Elingson crews recently completed a horizontal dewatering well that featured a cemented conductor casing at the surface. While not every…

Blind Horizontal Wells – New Technology

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Most HDD contractors will tell you they prefer constructing double-ended well designs over “blind” horizontal wells (single-ended construction). This preference…

Caliche is Hard for HDD

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Most people think of shallow soil horizons as being unconsolidated silts and clays, however in some parts of the western…