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Horizontal Remediation Wells Aid Brownfield Redevelopment

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Last fall DTD teamed up with a national consulting firm to install a horizontal remediation well at a brownfield site in the early stages of redevelopment.  The site was formerly a railroad maintenance facility built during the railroad boom of the late 1800s.  The development plan is to transition the property from industrial to commercial and recreational space similar to what was done at the Albuquerque Railyards (

DTD installed a horizontal soil vapor extraction (SVE) well under one of the historic buildings remaining on the property.  The shops were used to build and repair locomotives, and, as is common on all historic industrial sites, released contaminants into the surrounding soil. With appropriate remediation systems installed, the historic buildings can be saved and be incorporated into the future development plans, adding character to the new facility.

Rig positioned to drill beneath historic blacksmith shop

The project required the use of a blind or single-ended horizontal well.  The well was designed to have 200? of screen placed 16’ below the building floor including 90’ of the screen under the length of the old blacksmith shop.  Extreme caution and planning went into drilling under the historic building to make certain there would be no damage to the structure.

Historic industrial sites often occupy prime real estate in cities across the United States, often on lake shores or riverfronts, or in city centers. This project is just one example of how horizontal remediation wells are being used to allow these valuable historic sites to be safely brought back into use.


Well head completions inside vault