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February 2018 – Index of Inflection Points Newsletters

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Directed Technologies Drilling (DTD) was formed in 1996 with scientists and engineers designing and installing horizontal environmental and water supply wells. In 2013 we started our newsletter, “Inflection Points”.  The inaugural issue of “Inflection Points” was sent in December of 2013 with the intent of providing non-commercial, educational information about horizontal environmental drilling to our clients, regulators, site owners and friends.

Since the first issue we have mostly stayed with our intent, with just a couple of issues where we bragged a little; discussing the longest ever blind well and water supply applications to name a few.

Recently several clients have requested back issues on subjects such as locating technologies and set back distances.  Along with fulfilling these recent requests we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a chance to look at all of the past issues of “Inflection Points”.  The list below provides a link to previous versions of our newsletters. All of these live on our website at, in the “Resources” section, so you may access them directly in the future.
We hope that “Inflection Points” has been a valuable resource on the use of horizontal directional drilling methods for remediation and water supply applications.  If you have suggestions on future issues please reply to this newsletter or to [email protected] with your recommendations.

Thank you from everyone at DTD.