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DTD Completes AS Wells at Southeastern Air Force Base

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Once again utilizing our patent-pending Knock-Off bit system for the installation of blind wells, a DTD crew just completed two more long, blind remediation wells at an Air Force base in Georgia. The effort, lead by Project Manager Jason Yablonski and Drilling Supervisor James Ditto, took approximately 4 days of actual drilling to install the two, 675 foot air sparge wells at a depth of 65 feet in flowing sand.

Aerial view - DTD drill site - Georgia Air Force base

Demonstrating the flexibility of our Knock Off system, the project team used a modification of the method to actually retrieve the Knock Off bit after drilling, while retaining the ability to install the PVC well screen and casing through the rods. In most cases, the drilling and installation is done in a single step, which leaves the consumable bit in the ground along with the pipe.

This recent well was completed under the POL (Petroleum, Oils, Lubricants) yard, where aircraft fueling vehicles are filled. Over the decades, various POL fluids have migrated into the subsurface from spills that occur during operations. The area is surfaced with a thick, reinforced concrete slab, which can make locating the drill string difficult at times. Since the area is also active, DTD coordinates closely with the Operations group at the base to conduct drilling operations in a way that doesn’t interfere with the day to day operations.

This is DTD’s third project at the site, with a total of eight, extended length wells now installed. Site consultants CH2M HILL and Cape Environmental, our clients for the projects, have favorably commented on all projects so far, noting the efficiency, safety, site appearance, and professionalism of our project teams.

DTD will soon be mobilizing to another operable unit at the site, to complete an air sparge well for CAPE Environmental, this time installing 6″ well materials in a double ended configuration.