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DTD Acquires American Augers DD10 Drill Rig

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American Augers DD10 Drill Rig

DTD’s new American Augers DD10 on project site in New Mexico

DTD started 2017 with the purchaseĀ of an American Augers DD10, self-propelled drill rig. This rig combines a big-rig pullback and thrust capability of 110,000 lbs and torque of 15,000 ft-lbs., with the compact size of a 20 foot carriage. Previously used by DTD on a lease arrangement, the DD10 has been proven in successfully completing difficult projects within a smaller construction footprint. This opens the door to a variety of new opportunities, such as installing long remediation wells on cramped industrial sites, or completing difficult road or stream crossings from drill pads situated in narrow canyons or along busy freeways. The DD10 is our second American Augers, with the other being our DD210 which is currently undergoing a significant overhaul.

DD10The rig has already been proven valuable over the last 12 months, completing projects in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New Mexico; demonstrating a capable blend of power and agility in accessing and drilling constrained sites. The rig fills a void in our mid-sized rig lineup and provides additional capacity, capability and geographic reach allowing DTD to better serve our clients.