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Western PA HDD for Gas Gathering Line

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DTD has started drilling a small diameter (6-inch) section of gas pipeline near Clarion, PA.   This small gathering line will transfer natural gas from a Marcellus Shale well into larger gas collection lines .  Spanning over 500′, the bore will cross underneath a  stream, a roadway, a railroad, and then underneath a small wetland.  Despite the small diameter of the installation pipe, careful precautions have been taken to design the bore path to maximize cover underneath the water and road/railroad, while still entering and exit the ground in a short distance.

We have mobilized our Vermeer 36x50DR to complete this bore.  This machine offers a low flow mechanical motor to drill through layered and competent rock expected during the drilling in this area.  This bore is one of two crossings DTD will complete for the pipeline contractor in the next couple of weeks.

DTD's dual rod rig (Vermeer 36x50DR) drilling the pilot bore.

DTD’s dual rod rig (Vermeer 36x50DR) drilling the pilot bore.