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Utility Boring at Southern DOD Facility

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DTD completed the installation of a short utility boring that crossed beneath a small street and multiple existing utilities.  Total length of the crossing was ~174′ and will be used to convey air from a remotely located blower to a blind horizontal remediation well. The horizontal sparge well is nearly 100′ deep and includes approximately 1,000′ of horizontally oriented screen designed to discharge air evenly along its length.

A small Vermeer 24×40 directional drilling rig was used for the utility bore. Since the total footage was minimal, the boring and installation was readily completed in a single day.  Near the entry, multiple utilities were present, so the team had to determine a safe setback distance from the deepest utility and create a profile to maximize the amount of cover beneath this utility network.  The bore crossed 5′ below these utilities and 20.5′ below the side street, then exited the ground on the opposite side of the street.  Two 4-inch diameter HDPE conduits were pulled into place, successfully completing the crossing.

Conveyance piping getting ready to be pulled back.

Conveyance piping getting ready to be pulled back.


Over the past few months, DTD has completed multiple “utility” installments that coincide with our large environmental HDD projects.  In most cases, HDD technology can take the place of conventional trenching and excavating techniques to place long or short lengths of conveyance piping.  In some instances, it offers an option to minimally disturb areas that would otherwise be shutdown during the excavation process.