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SVE System Installed Under Operating NJ Manufacturing Facitliy

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DTD recently completed the installation of a sub-slab soil vapor extraction (SVE) system in central New Jersey.  The relatively short length of the bores and the sandy/silt ground conditions allowed use of one of our smallest footprint drill rigs, a Vermeer 10×15 . This rig is smaller than a pickup truck, and has rubber tracks. This rig minimizes all site impacts, from foot print to noise pollution.

Seven individual laterals were installed at lengths ranging from 120′ to 160′ in length (drilling totaled over 1,000′).  All wells targeted a depth of 3′ below the building slab floor, and higher than the foundation footer. Although otherwise straightforward in design, the bores had to either pass beneath or through the foundation footer. While both are often possible, in this case, the decision was made to core through the footer wall. Due to varied ground surface elevation and associate grading around the building, the entry locations varied from below the ground surface (placing the rig in a shallow excavation,) to setting the drill rig at a 0 degree entry angle and drilling through the building footer at 2 feet above the ground surface.   All wells were installed within one week and the facility activities continued with no disruptions to the site operations.

Modified Rig setup.

Modified Rig setup.