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Short Gathering Line – 310′ of 4″

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DTD’s Vermeer D36x50DR dual rod rig was put back to work near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a 310’ crossing under a small stream and private drive. The stream was located at approximately 10’ below our entry location and 20’ below our exit target. With the elevation constraints and the desire to keep the drilled length short, the bore was designed to pass beneath the stream with only 10’ of cover, thus increasing the risk of an inadvertent return. The use of the dual rod drill rig was perfect for this job as it can drill through the layered siltstone and sandstone rock, at rates comparable to that of a mud motor, but without the use of a high mud flow.

The DTD crew started setup the morning of July 25th and had the 4” pipe pulled in and equipment off site by the end of the next day. With the simplicity of setup, drilling production and small footprint, the D36x50DR is proving to be an effective rig when faced with varying ground conditions and demanding time constrains typically seen with small diameter pipeline work.

Exit in PI pit on target