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Projects from Coast to Coast

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DTD is currently running projects in California, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. The projects run the gamut from a blind Air Sparge well, blind SVE wells, to a wetland crossing.

The blind horizontal air sparge well is being installed at a tank farm in California using a gyroscopic steering tool and our our patent pending Knock-Off HDD Drill Bit. This allows the blind well installation to be completed at lengths over 1,000′ in collapsing sands and gravels. This system is run by one of our larger rigs capable of handling 31.5 ft drill rod.

The blind horizontal SVE wells are being installed at a Department of Defense Facility using a small foot print Vermeer 2440. The wells will be used to mitigate potential fugitive emissions from beneath a manufacturing building.

Finally, the HDD crossing in Pennsylvania is a 1,285 ft long bore mitigating the needs to trench across a sensitive wetland and clear right of way through a mature hemlock forest. The bore is being drilled through hard sandstone and siltstone of the Catskill Formation that is so widespread in north central Pennsylvania.