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Horizontal SVE Wells in California

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A DTD crew recently completed the installation of nine (9) horizontal remediation wells at a site in coastal California. The soil vapor extraction (SVE) screens targeted vadose zone contamination underneath and around an active jet fuel truck rack. Remediation of the site involves a combination of vertical sparge wells with horizontal SVE.

The SVE wells were constructed out of 3” diameter, sch80 PVC with custom mill-slotted screen. All of the wells were installed blind (single-ended) and dimensions varied between a total vertical depth of 15-40ft BGS and a total length of 120-270ft.

HDD rig installing horizontal SVE remediation wells

The entry angle for the horizontal SVE wells averaged ~15 degrees off horizontal



The crew operated DTD’s Vermeer 9×13 Navigator rig along with an ST500 mud mixing system in conjunction with an MTI 160 mud recycler. By using biodegradable drilling fluid, DTD ensured proper and efficient well development even though the well screens were installed above the water table.


Click here for more information on the benefits of horizontal SVE wells.

Contact us if you have a site that could benefit from horizontal well technology or if you’d like to schedule a technical brown bag on horizontal remediation well applications.

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