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Horizontal Sparge Wells Installed at Camp Lejeune

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During March DTD c0mpleted the installation of two blind horizontal remediation wells at Camp Lejeune. We have now installed a total of six horizontal sparge wells at Camp Lejeune, with our first installed in 2004 and the others completed in 2006, 2010, and 2013. All the horizontal sparge wells have produced a dramatic reduction in contamination and all have currently ceased operation because they have either achieved remediation goals or the pilot studies have ended (see our case studies for further information on one of these or this presentation link comparing the technology between another of the HDD sparge wells at the site to other treatment techniques).

The sandy geology common in the Atlantic Coastal Plain physiographic province enables horizontal sparge wells to operate with high efficiency. This same geologic setting is prevalent up and down the east coast; we have found similar success with horizontal sparge wells at many other job sites.

Our CMS9030 drill rig has proven to be ideal for installing long blind wells (see photos at right).  With 31′ drill rods, this rig has the ample size and power needed to install blind wells quickly and to operate our Knock  Off system. We continue to improve our Knock Off technology (patent pending); these recent improvements allow us to complete the drilling and the installation of the well materials without swabbing passes and knowing that the well materials are set in precisely the targeted location. The improvements may seem small, but the time saved and the decrease in waste cuttings/mud is significant. Both end up saving the client money because of less supervision time, decreased construction time, and lower waste disposal fees.