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Horizontal Remediation Wells on Both Coasts

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This week (May 20-24) DTD is completing horizontal remediation wells in Maryland and California. Both sites require blind wells under 250 feet in length, perfect for our Vermeer 24×40 drill rigs. In addition, last week we installed several very short blind wells (<90′) in Connecticut with one of our small rigs, a Vermeer 10×15.

On the west coast, the short blind wells are being used for Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) beneath a shopping center, while on the east coast (Maryland and Connecticut) the wells are part of separate dual phase extraction systems. The flexibility of horizontal remediation wells to meet a variety of site requirements makes them an excellent choice for projects of all sizes.

These short blind wells provide cost effective access to hard to reach areas and each has provided over 80 feet of communication with the contaminant zone… each well  replaces approximately 8 to 10 vertical wells.