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Horizontal LNAPL Recovery Well System Completed

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DTD has wrapped up the installation of four long horizontal LNAPL recovery wells in California. Each well is constructed of 6-inch diameter stainless steel, with lengths varying from 1,100 up to 1,810 feet. The wells were installed beneath a large fuel storage farm, covering over 40 acres in area. The image below shows the approximate location and layout of the wells.

The well screens were at depth of over 100 feet below ground surface, preventing the use of walkover navigation systems. In addition, several of the 5,000,000 gallon tanks were being rebuilt preventing the placement of a traditional surface coil navigation system. For this reason, DTD used an advanced gyroscope based navigational system that allowed the wells to be drilled with zero impact on surface activities, i.e. no person was needed to walk the bore path, and no surface wire was necessary.
The navigation was complicated by numerous tanks, fuel pipelines, water lines, and 480V electric lines in the area where the wells exited the ground. For additional information, contact Dan: [email protected]