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Small Diameter Pipeline

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Happy Crew After A Muddy Pullback

DTD has completed the installation of an 860 foot, 4-inch diameter steel pipeline beneath an extensive wetland and small headwaters stream.  The pipeline is part of a mid-stream gathering system in the western limits of the Marcellus shale-gas play.  The bore was completed with our American Augers DD10 and our Kemtron Tango 200 mud recycling system.  Both of these pieces of equipment have a relatively small footprint, which fit the limited space available at the borehole’s entry.

The bore extended beneath a modest side hill, a wetland and stream before exiting the ground 861′ from the bore entry. The pullback was halted for several hours at the midway point to allow for a weld to combine two pre-assembled sections of product pipe.

As is often the case with winter drilling, the most challenging part of the bore was dealing with the weather and the mud. Cold temperatures and consistent rainfall created deep mud and extremely difficult access to and from the job site.