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DTD’s Newest Mud Recycling System

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In effort to maintain our flexibility and to improve support for our big rigs, DTD has added an American Augers MP-400 to its fleet of mud systems. The MP-400 has a mud storage capacity of 6,400 gallons and a cleaning capacity of  400 gpm.

The system has an on-board triplex mud pump with maximum output of 400 gallon per minute. The system is ideal for supporting our use of biodegradable drilling fluids with our CMS6015, CMS9030, or AA210 drilling rigs. On long bores the mud system can be setup on the exit side to clean and ready fluids for transport or pumping back to the rig side. We have already used the system to install two horizontal air sparge wells in New Mexico (one was 1,200′ long and the second was 810′ long and blind).  Below is a picture of the system in our Texas yard, with recently upgraded safety rails around the mixing station at the front of the trailer.

American Augers MP-400 Drill Fluid Recycling System