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DTD Continues Expansion of Equipment, Services

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We continue to increase our capabilities to respond to client requests for challenging drilling projects. Our recent acquisition of three drill rigs enables DTD to complete longer bores in more difficult conditions and, perhaps most importantly, we can now readily respond to projects in more locations. We now have two or more rigs at each of our offices in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

DTD acquires American Augers DD-10 drill rig

Our newly-acquired American Augers DD-10 drill rig is a track-mounted mid-sized rig with drilling capacity similar to our larger rigs. However, with the short 15 foot long drill rods (instead of 30 foot rods on our larger rigs), the rig is more easily maneuvered to set up on sites with space restrictions. The use of shorter rods places no restrictions on drilling capacity however, with 100,000 lb. pullback capacity,  this rig is still capable of drilling to bore lengths of 2,000 feet or more, depending on conditions.

We have also   taken delivery of a 2012 Vermeer D36x50DR rig. This is a compact rig that is specialized for use in rock and hard soil. With a unique dual-rod drill rod assembly, the D36 can rotate hard rock bits with full directional steering capabilities. The ability to mechanically rotate a rock bit with the rig, instead of using a downhole mud motor, significantly reduces the volume of mud required for hard rock bores, and with that the potential for fracout, and the costs associated with mud management and disposal. The new rig is equipped with a Tier 3 power plant, keeping it in compliance with the most stringent air quality standards, and illustrating DTD’s commitment to Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR) efforts.

The Vermeer 3650DR has already been used to install a horizontal LNAPL recovery well beneath a Industrial Era mill in Connecticut. Look for a forthcoming post describing the project which required drilling through boulder, hand-laid stone foundations, poured concrete foundation walls, and construction debris… all in one bore. Not many rigs could have completed this installation.

Another recent acquisition is a small Vermeer 7×11 directional rig. This rig is an ideal size for short bores beneath buildings or roadways on busy industrial sites or areas with restricted access. The small construction footprint extends our ability to complete projects at both ends of the size spectrum.

For more information on our new equipment lineup, call DTD or e-mail [email protected]