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Directional Drilling to Install Traffic Signal Conduits, Seattle’s U-District

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Vermeer 7x11 setup in the median of busy city street

Vermeer 7×11 setup in the median of busy city street

In June, 2016, DTD once again teamed with Seattle Department of Transportation to install several two and three-inch signal light conduits by directional drilling under a busy University of Washington intersection.  Two months ago DTD completed a similar project for SDOT where two 3” conduits were installed near UW’s Husky Stadium.  Located approximately one mile west of Husky Stadium, SDOT will be installing new traffic signals at the intersection of 12th Ave and Campus Parkway.    This intersection is located along several busy bus routes, including a trolley bus system, serving the university commuters.


Vermeer 7×11 being tracked down sidewalk

In order to keep the bus routes open, DTD used the smallest rig in our fleet, a Vermeer 7×11 directional drill, to drill and install a total of 11 conduits under the five intersecting roadways.  The small footprint of the 7×11 continues to prove useful within city environments.  The rubber-tracked rig is capable of being moved down city sidewalks without damaging them and set up in areas that few other rigs can fit.

Pulling back 3" HDPE conduit

Pulling back 3″ HDPE conduit

All directional crossings required extensive planning to safely avoid the multiple utilities buried throughout the area.  Each bore exited within small vegetated areas adjacent to sidewalks to avoid cutting concrete and disturbing pedestrian traffic.  The project was completed ahead of schedule, taking 7 days to install a total of 600′ of conduit.