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Cold Weather Pipeline Installation

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Exit-side with rig-side tents visible in distance

Just because the “Polar Vortex” has descended over the lower 48 it doesn’t mean pipeline installation has to stop. DTD is currently installing pipeline near International Falls, MN… the ice box of the United States. On site temperatures have dipped below -40 degrees as measured on the thermometer… and below -60 degrees F wind chill. With nightly lows averaging -30 F and daily highs around zero, significant changes must be made to keep the drill rig turning.

Large tents have been placed over the drilling pad and heaters run to keep temperatures closer to the freezing point. The picture below is of the mud cleaning system, with the tent structure visible in the background. Expect a more detailed article in the near future once the 20″ pipe is pulled back.

Mud Recycling System in Tent