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By Land, Sea and Air…Mobilizing to Hawaii

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DTD has currently completed mobilizing to a project in Hawaii. The challenging project called for the capability of drilling either soil or volcanic rock, so our specialty dual rod rig and support equipment was mobilized to the site. Equipment was mobilized from DTD’s Pennsylvania and Texas yards to our Seattle facility where where it could be packed into shipping containers. Once loaded in the containers, the equipment enjoyed a several day cruise across the Pacific Ocean arriving in Honolulu on May 31st.  The crew is on site now and preparing to begin the installation of the horizontal SVE wells. Rig being offloaded from container

We have recently bid several projects in as far away places as Guam and the experience loading equipment for overseas shipping has been extremely valuable. For instance, we now know that all containers need to be packed to be able to withstand 1 G of additional force up or down, and 1/2 G of force side to side… this is essentially the equivalent of your shipping crate being turned upside down, and everything has to stay in place!  In addition, thorough inspections are conducted to insure no invasive plant or animals are transported along with the drilling equipment. Finally, the duration of the mobilization is significant: while the equipment only moved perhaps 7 to 10 days, the start to finish duration of the mobilization was approximately four weeks when considering the time loading the containers, securing/packing equipment and the time in port.

Looking ahead, DTD is even better prepared for handling projects over seas. Our proximity to the Port of Tacoma allows easy access to shipping across the Pacific, and the experience gained during this shipment will allow us to continue to improve our over seas access.