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Blind SVE Wells in the Mid-West

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24x40 set up

24×40 set up

DTD recently completed the installation of four single-ended, or “blind”, Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) horizontal wells at a Superfund site in the Corn Belt near the Nebraska/South Dakota Border. The four 250’ long wells were installed at a depth of 10’ beneath an active and sensitive manufacturing facility without disturbance to the business operations. Each well provides 110’ of screen in direct communication with the contaminated zone.

Four well heads after installation

Four well heads after installation

The project took 6 days to install and develop the four wells. DTD utilized a Vermeer 24×40 drill rig which allowed mobility and simplicity of set up and a quick turnaround between each well installation. The rig also provides a small footprint resulting in a low environmental impact to the drill site.

Blind wells often prove to be the best option to access contaminates beneath a structure with limited space to exit the ground. Relatively short single-ended horizontal wells can provide access under site infrastructure while minimizing disturbance to the business, have a significant zone of influence and offer significant cost savings.