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Blind Horizontal SVE Wells Installed Beneath Los Angeles Church

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In June 2011, DTD completed the installation of three blind horizontal wells for use in soil vapor extraction (SVE). The former industrial facility is now being used by a church, complete with offices, classrooms, and both small and large areas for worship services.  Fugitive emissions from TCE contamination (stemming from the sites former industrial practices) were migrating into the church through the slab foundation.

Locating in Chapel

In 2007, DTD installed six SVE horizontal wells to address problems associated with the church building.  In recent investigations the contamination was also found beneath the church parking lot, so additional wells were specified.

The recent installation included  an additional three blind horizontal SVE wells. All nine of the wells were approximately 250 feet long, and installed beneath the church or the adjacent parking area. Minimal disturbance was, of course, a must. All activities within the church continued without pause. See the picture above showing the locating of the drill bit as it passes beneath an offset room of worship.

The wells installed in 2007 continue to function as designed, preventing the migration of fugitive emissions into the church. The new wells are being connected to the existing SVE system and will be brought on line in the immediate future.