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Blind, Horizontal Air Sparge Wells at Southern AFB

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DTD has recently completed the installation of five blind horizontal remediation wells at a southern US Air Force Base. The wells are unusual in that they required screen lengths up to 850′ and total bore lengths over 1,250′.  The horizontal wells are being used to treat contaminant plumes that extend beneath two different areas of the base taxiways and main runway. Treatment will consist of air sparging through the horizontal screens (with screen lengths up to 850′)

Site constraints required a blind installation (single ended) rather than a traditional double-ended horizontal well installation where the bore has both an entry and an exit. Further, the site is in the coastal plain and the contaminant is migrating primarily through coarse, heaving and flowing sands. A blind installation in this environment is very difficult as the loose sands completely collapse when the drill rods are removed.

In the photo to the right, you can see the setup required for installing blind horizontal wells of this length. The equipment includes a horizontal drilling rig, drill rod trailer, mud system, roll off drilling waste storage, and miscellaneous heavy equipment. Note the taxiway on the top right of the image.

DTD has developed a patent pending technology to drill and install horizontal wells through the inside of the drill rods, knocking off the drill bit after completion of drilling. This revolutionizes the installation blind wells in two ways:

  1. If you can drill it, you can install a blind well in it; eliminating risks of a collapsing borehole.
  2. You can guarantee the position of the well materials during the install because the locating device is in the bore while the materials are installed.

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