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2,800′ of 10″ Steel Gas Line – Tunkhannock, PA

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DTD has recently completed the installation of a 10″ gas line near the town of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. The bore  proved to be one of our more challenging installations, with a number of unique issues, any one of which could make for a tough bore, and together made for a extremely difficult job…  1) more than 600′ of relief between entry and exit, 2) a bore path that passed through glacially deposited sand, gravel and cobble, into bedrock, back to sand/gravel, and back to bedrock, and 3) the cold and snow of a Pennsylvania winter.


Jobsite working around the clock.

The deepest point of the bore was 178′ below the drill rig and in one section, the bore was over 230′ below the ground surface. After passing beneath a tributary stream to the Susquehanna River, the bore climbed over 600′ above the drill rig, and exited on a narrow, very steep, and remote right-of-way (ROW). With such a short section of straight ROW, the pipeline contractor assembled four pieces of product pipe, each approximately 700′ long. The pullback of the pipe was started and stopped three times, to allow another 700′ section to be welded to the pipe partially pulled into the ground.  Pullback operations were run continuously through the night, allowing the installation to be completed in 26 hours.


Multiple excavators lifting pipe to initiate pipe pullback.