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1,500′ Utility Bore in Urban California

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Parking Lot Bore PathDTD is using its CMS9030 for installation of utility conduits in southern California. This trailer mounted rig handles 31.5′ rods and has adequate thrust and rotary torque to drill bores in sediment up to 2,000′.  These particular bores are being used to install conduits between a groundwater remediation system and two remote well access points.

In order to preserve open parking spaces in a valuable downtown area, the site owner requires the remediation system be located away from the well access points. The footprint of the remediation system would take up numerous parking spots, so instead of occupying the space, the client is installing the remediation system over a quarter mile away. The directional bores will pass beneath over a quarter mile of city streets and parking lots to go between the remote locations.