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1,000+ ft Horizontal Dewatering Well Installed

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DTD has just completed installing the first of a pair of dewatering wells. The 1,030′ long 6-inch diameter well was drilled and installed using a 100% biodegradable drilling mud. This type of drilling fluid is necessary to preserve the formations hydraulic conductivity and insure effective communication between the ground and the well.

The well screen is set at approximately 40 feet below ground and is designed to dewater a 6 acre excavation. The large excavation is part of a source removal project targeting contaminated soils present between 20 and 40 feet below ground.

Excavation with red line depicting generalized borepath

Excavation with red line depicting generalized borepath

To the right is a picture showing the excavation and the general bore path.  The bore enters the ground at the base of the red and white water tower and exits the ground behind and to the right of the photographed area. Note that the excavation is complete to 20 feet below ground surface (the local elevation of groundwater), and as the horizontal wells lower groundwater levels, the excavation will be extended to approximately 40 feet. The excavation high wall and earth moving equipment are barely visible within the pit on the right side of the excavation. Please contact Dan ([email protected]) for more information.