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DTD has a new president

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Dan Ombalski has been promoted to President of DTD, taking over the day-to-day operations of the company. Jim Doesburg, company…

DTD Has New Completed Projects

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DTD recently completed two 450+ foot horizontal directional wells for pilot testing of remediation technologies beneath an operating auto parts…

DTD has won new contracts in Florida.

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DTD has won the contract to install a 1400 foot remediation well at the Escambia Wood Treatment plant near Pensacola,…

DTD has posted a new video

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The following video shows a downhole video of an air sparge well at system startup. Note that air bursts initially…

DTD finishes new installation in Mid-Atlantic landfill

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DTD has just finished installing two of four leachate drains in a mid-atlantic landfill. The drains (677 and 684 feet…

DTD Office Move

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DTD has moved our Corporate Headquarters to the Bremerton National Airport in Port Orchard, Washington. Our new location provides significantly…